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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Playdate with Brooke and Presley

Aleck has been suffering from separation anxiety more than ever. I can't get a workout in at the gym because he cries and wants to be held while he is in the childcare facility. Dede and I have met at the gym twice to work out together, and both times I had to leave after 20 minutes. Today we had a play date at Dede's house with Presley and Brooke. Hopefully, if Aleck plays enough with the girls, he will play with them at the gym and let Mommy and Dede get a workout in.

When we first got to Dede's house, Aleck clung to me. When he saw all the different toys, it didn't take him long to get down and play. Aleck needs to work on sharing. I'm pretty sure he was trying to get Presley off the riding toy. I love the look on Brooke's face when she is carrying the stuffed animal. Both girls are absolutely adorable.
Aleck had a great time. Thanks Dede! You are awesome!


HeatherLynn said...

I hadn't looked at his baby pictures in years, and I was just awestruck at the resemblance! He cannot deny his son..haha
I love the playdate pictures. Those two girls are adorable, and I too love the expression on her face carrying the doll. Precious! Preston doesn't mind sharing these days, it's the aggressiveness that he uses when playing. I am sure it is from rough housing with Brian and Connor all of the time.
Miss you guys and love you much.

HeatherLynn said...

Thank you sis. I have wanted to do this for awhile and I made myself dedicate time for it. I knew it would mean alot to him when he was older. I am getting a dvd so I can share with family. Plus, today is my dad's birthday, and the day one year ago that my dr. told me she was inducing on the 27th! Many memories have flooded me today! Love you so much

Dede said...

You got much better pics of all three of them than I did. It was fun and can't wait for the next play date.