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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend in Alma, Michigan

Tom, AJ and I traveled to Alma, Michigan for Memorial Day. Tom plays the snare drum in the North Texas Caledonian Pipes and Drums, a local bagpipe and drum corp. The band competed and took first place in the Grade 5 competition for the North American title. Congrats guys!

We stayed in a dorm room the first night we were in Alma. I am not sure what we were thinking when we thought that we could stay in a dorm with a 1 year-old. Of course, Aleck loved it. He thought the beds were a jungle gym and had a great time climbing under the furniture and running up and down the hall. Aleck was the center of attention, although some of the residents didn't think Aleck was so cute when he woke them at 7:00 a.m. after they were up late the night before.

I don't know how college kids do it! The bathroom was down the hall and giving Aleck a bath and passing him off to Tom to be dressed was a challenge. Thankfully, we found a hotel in town that had a vacancy the next night. It was so great not having to get dressed to go to the bathroom. The funny thing is that AJ slept through the entire night in the noisy dorm and when we were in a the hotel the next night he didn't sleep well at all. Go figure.

Aleck and I went to the Memorial Day parade. Aleck loved waving his flag until he realized he could hit Mommy in the head and I had to confiscate the flag. It was so great seeing the look on the WWII vets as they were recognized by the cheering crowd. Of course, there are no pictures of Aleck and Mommy because I am always behind the camera. I have got to do a better job of getting some pictures with me in them.

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Dede said...

I love the picture of you and AJ. But my favorite is the one with him under the bed, his expression is adorable. Sounds like you had a fun time.