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Monday, February 14, 2011

Where is Warehouse Mouse?

Tom, Aleck, Ella and I saw the Imagination Movers at the Verizon Theatre yesterday.  Imagination Movers is a show that Aleck watches from time to time.  In each episode, some random person comes along with a problem and The Movers, Dave, Rich, Scott and Smitty, have to brainstorm to find the solution to the problem.  Aleck loves the music and dances around the living room sometimes when he is watching the show.

The show was awesome!  I was dancing and digging the music as much as the the kids did.  Aleck loved the show, but he was shy and Tom held him a good bit of the show.  When Tom would stand up and dance with Aleck, Aleck would laugh and smile ear to ear.

Ella surprised me with how much she loved the show.  She didn’t get bored once during the 1 1/2 hour performance.  She wanted me to hold her at times, and at other times she wanted down to dance and jump around.  She really got into the dancing throwing her head side to side and jumping up and down.  It brought tears to my eyes watching my kids have so much fun.

Aleck got a Movers t-shirt and they both got a stuffed warehouse mouse, The Movers pet mouse.  Aleck wanted to sleep in his shirt and it took some smooth talking to get him to take it off long enough for me to wash it for school.

After Tom dropped Aleck off at school today, he called to tell me that Aleck was so excited and running around showing all his friends warehouse mouse when he walked him to his room.  Mrs. Jordan, his teacher looked and Aleck’s t-shirt and warehouse mouse and guessed that AJ had been to see the movers.  It appears that Aleck’s stuffed dog, Biscuit, has been replaced.  Sorry, Biscuit.

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