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Welcome to my blog. I'm a Mississippi country girl transplanted to Grapevine, TX. I have been blessed with a great husband, and my kiddos, Aleck and Ella. When I'm not eating bon bons on the couch, I am my kid's room mom, PTA member, Sunday School teacher, taxi driver, amateur photographer and personal chef. When I'm not doing those things, I'm running a small jewelry business, 2nd Amendment Jewelry (www.2ndamendmentjewelry.com), that I started with my twin sister, Glenda. It's a crazy and busy life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flying Robots

Aleck:  “Mommy, can you sleep with me?  I’m scared of the robot that comes in to my room at night.”

Me:  “Let’s put up the baby gate at your door so the robot can’t get in your room.”

Aleck:  “But Mommy, the robot can fly.  You need like five baby gates.” (said while pointing to the top of the door frame)

Luckily, we have the robot repellant spray (a.k.a. water), which I sprayed around the door.  It worked like a charm.

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Eryn said...

He's SO clever, it amazes me. Today, at my place, when he was saying how Ella is allergic to chocolate... he really does have it all figured out, doesn't he?