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Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen

We attended a wonderful sermon given by Dean Reed at St. Vincent’s Cathedral, an Anglican Church that we have attended for the last six months.  My Christian life has been spent attending Baptist churches.  The Anglican Church is much different from what I have known in the past.  Initially, I was a bit uncomfortable with the format and formality of worship, but now it seems so natural and comforting to me.  Aleck attends school at St. Vincent’s, and we were initially drawn to the church by the wonderful people we met at school.  Tom and I are both attending the Basic Christianity class with Father Cantrell to have a better understanding of the Anglican Church.    

Holy Week was a profound experience for me, unlike anything I have experienced.  In the past, I recognized what Jesus did for me, a sinner, but during Holy Week I found myself truly meditating on the amazing sacrifice he made for me.  Due to Ella being sick, I wasn’t able to make the Palm Sunday service, but I was able to attend the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter services.  

After the service today, we had an Easter egg hunt on the football field.  Dede, Gary, Brooke and Presley also attended the service and the egg hunt, and the kids had a blast.  Everybody was in a group waiting for the green light to start the egg hunt.  I looked at Aleck and noticed that he had hidden two eggs between his shoes, trying to get a head start on the hunt.  Much to Aleck’s dismay, I wasn’t the only person that noticed he was being sneaky.  A little boy spotted the eggs and went for them.  I really wish Aleck had left his shirt tucked in! 

After the egg hunt, we all went to Chili’s for a yummy lunch.  We rounded out the day with a visit to Eryn and Mason to deliver Mason’s Easter basket. 

Thank you, Lord, for these blessings, and for your Son, Jesus.  Alleluia, He Is Risen! 









Aleck, Ella and Dean ReedDSC_2771






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