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Welcome to my blog. I'm a Mississippi country girl transplanted to Grapevine, TX. I have been blessed with a great husband, and my kiddos, Aleck and Ella. When I'm not eating bon bons on the couch, I am my kid's room mom, PTA member, Sunday School teacher, taxi driver, amateur photographer and personal chef. When I'm not doing those things, I'm running a small jewelry business, 2nd Amendment Jewelry (www.2ndamendmentjewelry.com), that I started with my twin sister, Glenda. It's a crazy and busy life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Typical Late Summer Day in Mississippi

The kids and I are in Starkville visiting my family.  Dad turns eighty-one on Thursday.  Everybody is coming for a big birthday bash next weekend.  Mom got up with the kids and let me sleep until 8:00.  We didn’t get in until a little after 11 last night, and I so appreciated sleeping late this morning.  Thanks, Mom.

The weather is cooler and the air was almost crisp this morning. We started the day by piling into the truck in our pajamas and heading across the pasture towards the creek to pick muscadines.  I posted last year about my sweet childhood memories of picking muscadines.  Ella loved them, but wasn’t very patient when it came time for Mommy to peel and deseed the fruit.  Aleck is a little afraid of the woods and talks about dinosaurs and ghosts.  That boy of mine has some imagination!

We spent most of the morning exploring outside.  When it got too hot, we climbed back in the truck and headed across the field for driving lessons for Aleck.  He loved it!  I pushed the brake and gas, and he did the rest.  He would start talking and looking around, and I would have to remind him to watch the road, but overall, he did awesome.  I had to help him crossing the road across the pond, but the rest of the time he pretty much steered all by himself.  During driving lessons, we spent a lot of time learning our left from our right.  Ella drove some, but was mostly content to hang her head out the window like a puppy dog. 

Ella figured out where the cookie jar is kept, and was smart enough to get the stepstool to reach it.  When Mammaw took the cookie jar away, Ella pleaded, “Tease, MaaMaa!”  Of course, my mom gave her more cookies.

We ended the day outside playing with Tyler, Jessica and Preston.  I am so thankful for these times when I can fuse wonderful old memories with wonderful new memories.  Thank you, Lord, for these abundant blessings in our lives.

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