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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ascension and Pixie Dust

I have been co-teaching Aleck’s Sunday school class since Mrs. Cook moved in December.  During the lesson today, we talked about how Jesus stayed on earth for forty days and then ascended into the clouds to join his Father.  During the forty days, Jesus told his disciples to spread his message, starting in Jerusalem and moving out from there.  We talked about some of the names of the disciples:  James, Paul and Peter.

I love asking questions and getting those wheels turning in those little minds.  When I asked the kids how they thought Jesus ascended into the clouds, I got some interesting answers.  One kid thought there were ropes involved.   My favorite answer came from a little girl that thought it could be pixie dust, “like what Tinkerbell uses to fly”.  Since we had mentioned Peter earlier, the conversation quickly turned to Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and pixie dust.  It took some effort to redirect the kids from talking about Peter Pan to Jesus’ ascension, but I finally got them back on topic.

I can see it now.  The kids are riding home from church with their parents.  One kids yells from his carseat, “Hey, Mom.  Did you know that Jesus used Tinkerbell’s pixie dust to go up into the clouds?” 

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