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Sunday, November 22, 2009

4 1/2 months

Ella, I can't believe you are already 4 1/2 months old. Time is racing and I just want it to slow down a little so I can soak every single moment of every day in. Slow down little girl. Don't grow up so fast.

You are such a happy baby. When you wake up in the morning, you coo and babble until I go into your room. I love laying in bed listening to you over the baby monitor first thing in the morning. If I take too long to come get you out of bed, you sometimes get a little fussy, but that quickly turns to smiles and babbling when you see me over your crib.

You love your feet and are so happy when I unzip your sleep sack so you can play with your toes. You have recently started sucking your thumb, which is something that Aleck never did. I think it's adorable, although I might change my mind about that if I have to help you break that habit later on.

A few weeks ago you were taking 3 solid naps a day and you were so easy to put down for a nap. I could put you in your crib wide awake and you would go right to sleep. In the last week, you have decided that life is too exciting and you only really need 2 naps. Since you are worried that you might miss something while you sleep, you are requiring a little more help to calm yourself down to get ready for a nap. Sometimes when you feel yourself touching the mattress, your eyes pop back open as if to say, "just joking, I'm not really going to sleep". You had a predictable nap schedule until the last week and I am hoping we can get back to that.

You are adorable in your cloth diapers. I can't believe how easy cloth diapers are, and I wish I had used them when Aleck was a baby. You have more cloths in your closet than should be allowed for one child! I love looking through your closet in the morning deciding what cute outfit to dress you in.

Aleck seems to adore you most of the time, although he still has his moments when he can be a little jealous. When you are a little fussy, Aleck will bring you a toy and put it in your hand. Those special moments make my eyes water with joy.

You look a lot like I did when I was a baby. You have those beautiful blue eyes that I think you get from Mamaw Hartness. Your hair was dark brown when you were born, but it is getting lighter. Your face is round with chubby little cheeks. You weighed 14 lb 2 oz at your 4 month checkup.

You aren't crazy about tummy time. You roll from your back to your side frequently, but haven't rolled from your back to your stomach yet. Last weekend, you rolled from your stomach to your back, but haven't rolled since. You love bath time and kick your feet and smile. You are fascinated with my watch and grab it every time you are on the diaper changing table. You like the Bumbo and your bouncy seat better than your swing.

For the most part, you are sleeping through the night. You go to bed between 7:00 and 8:00. Sometimes you wake around 4:30 a.m. to nurse but you quickly go back to sleep. Some nights you sleep for 11 hours straight. I stopped swaddling you at 3 1/2 months and you slept just fine. Aleck had to be swaddled until he was 5 months.

You love your Daddy and your eyes light up when you see him and a grin spreads from ear to ear.

You are nursing every 3 to 4 hours during the day. You will take a bottle with ease, thank goodness! Around this age, Aleck refused to take a bottle.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful little boy and beautiful baby girl. At this point in my life, I look back and realize that I was made for this. I thank God for all these wonderful memories and blessings.

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Joni said...

And they are so blessed to have you and Tom ...