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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bye Bye Bottle

It’s official.  No more bottle.  The plan was to switch  Ella to a sippy cup when we got back from our trip.  After our long road trip, I was too tired last week to deal with the repercussions of taking the bottle.  I didn’t want Tom to have to deal with a fussy Ella over the weekend I was gone to my scrapbook retreat so we didn’t switch over the weekend.

Ella had her last bottle and her first dentist appointment yesterday.  I didn’t want her to be fussy for her appointment so I gave her a bottle, but in my mind I had already decided that was the last one.  The dentist asked me, “When did she stop taking a bottle?”  I replied, “She JUST stopped taking a bottle.”  I didn’t tell her it was just 3 hours ago. 

Yesterday, she periodically asked for a bottle, but it wasn’t a big deal when I gave her a sippy cup.  This morning when I gave her a sippy cup, she insisted I hold her on her back like a baby and hold the sippy cup for her while she drank her milk.  She didn’t really get fussy and demanding until she woke from her nap.  She cried and rolled around on the floor.  I am so thankful she wasn’t chanting, “ohnnnn gaga,  ohnnnnn gaga” in the whiney voice that she uses to get her bottle.  That would have pushed me over the edge and possibly made a liar out of me.  Tom said, “Let’s just wean her.  Let’s give her a bottle tonight.  What if she ends up on a shrink’s couch when she’s older because we didn’t wean her from the bottle.”  Daddy hates to see his little girl unhappy.  I didn’t give in.  She’s two.  It’s time.

I really hope she doesn’t wake up tomorrow chanting, “ohnnn gaga, ohnnn gaga.”

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